April 21, 1985 Game 137: Cubs (4-6) at Expos (5-5)

The Cubs have been playing inconsistent ball and they need to get on track if they want to win the East.  Today they send Dennis Eckersley to the hill and the Expos send David Palmer to keep the Cubs off track.

The Cubs attack Palmer right away, in the 1st.  Sandberg is on 1st due to an error on Francona.  Matthews then hits a 2 run homer to make it 2-0.

The Expos take the lead in the 5th.  Wallach singles, Law walks, Washington singles and Wallach scores.  Fitzgerald bounces one right back to the mound, Eckersley goes to 2nd and Law scores. Palmer singles and Fitzgerald heads to 3rd.  Raines hits into a 3-6 FC and Fitzgerald scores and the score is 3-2.  

In the 6th Matthews makes it 3-3 with a homer to to left. The Cubs get 2 in the 7th.  Eckersley gets on with an error by Washington, Bosley popouts to 2nd, Sandberg walks, Matthews doubles scoring Eckersley.  Hebner singles and that will score Sandberg and at the end of 6 and a half the Cubs lead 5-3.  In the 8th Hatcher pinch hits for Eckersley and drill a solo shot of off Tim Burke to make it 6-3 Cubs.

Smith pitches the final 2 innings to earn his 2nd save.

The Final Score 6-3