April 21, 1985 Game 138: Rangers (4-6) at Brewers (5-4)

The Brewers stopped a 3 game losing streak with a 3-1 win.  Today they hope for 2 in a row and they send Ray Burris out to face Mike Mason who has looked terrible so far.

Harrah leads off the game with a triple and will score on a Tolleson single and its 1-0.  The  Brewers tie it up thanks to a solo homer by Cooper in the bottom of the 1st.  The Brewers take the lead in the 3rd as Molitor delivers a solo home run .  Yount singles, Brouhard singles, Schroeder doubles and Yount scores and it is 3-1 Brewers.

The Rangers regain the lead due to some sloppy defense by the Brewers. Wilkenson is safe due to a Molitor error Householder then commits a 2BE on a Tolleson flyball.  O'Brien singles and both runners score.  Parrish singles and O'Brien scores and its 4-3 Rangers.  The Brewers tie the gane in the bottom of the inning as the Rangers defense gets sloppy.  Brouhard triples and then Slaught commits an error on a Schroeder dribbler and its 4-4.

In the 7th Cooper homers, Brouhard singles, Schroeder then rips a 2 run homer to make it 7-4.  In the 8th Yount triples and Cooper follows with a triple and it is 8-4 Brewers.

The Final Score 8-4