April 21, 1985 Game 144: Orioles (2-8) at Blue Jays (7-4)

This looked to be an easy one for the Blue Jays as the Orioles are playing horrible baseball.  They would send Jimmy Key out to the mound and he has been inconsistent early.  The Orioles counter with Denny Martinez and he has been brutal.

In the 2nd the Orioles open the scoring.  Ripken singles and Roenicke walks,  Connally doubles and that scores Ripken and it is 1-0 Orioles.  The Blue Jays take the lead in the 3rd.  Barfield is on due to an error by Martinez,  Garcia singles and Garcia walks to load the bases.  Moseby walks and that scores Barfield, Upshaw singles and that scores Garcia to make it 2-1 Blue Jays.

Rayford ties it in the 4th with a solo homer off of Key.  THe Orioles take the lead in the 6th when they score 3 of off Key.  Ripken singles and Roenicke walks.  2-outs later Dauer crushes a Key fastball for a 3 run Home run and makes the score 5-2 Orioles.

The Orioles add to their lead in the 7th.  Lynn doubles and Ripken follows that with a 2 run shot to make in 7-2 and that sends Key to the showers.  In the 8th the Blue Jays get 1 as Moseby singles and steals 2nd.  Bell singles and that scores Moseby to make it 7-3.  In the 9th Dempsey hits a solo shot of Acker to make it 8-3.

The Final Score 8-3 Orioles