April 22, 1985 Game 147: Brewers (6-4) at White Sox (5-5)

Not a good day for a game, it was a little chilly at Comiskey and only 13, 455 showed up at the park today.  The White Sox send Joel Davis to the hill and the Brewers send Danny Darwin out.

The White Sox get things started in the 1st.  Law singles and steals 2nd.  Fletcher singles and that scores Law and its 1-0.  In the 2nd Fisk walks and Gamble singles, Fisk advances to 3rd.  Boston bounces to Darwin and he throws to 2nd for the force and Fisk scores and it's 2-0 

THe Brewers take the lead in the 3rd.  Gantner walks and Romero doubles and Gantner holds at 3rd.  Molitor singles and that scores Gantner and Romero.  Cooper bounces to Fletcher throws it away and Cooper heads to 2nd.  Oglivie singles and Cooper scores and the score is 3-2 Brewers.

The White Sox take the lead back in the bottom of the 3rd.  Fletcher walk, Baines doubles, Fisk singles, Fletcher and Baines come around to score and the score is 4-3 White Sox.  THe Brewers tie it up in the 6th.  Oglivie and Simmons walk,  Schroeder doubles and Oglivie scores.

In the 7th the Brewers take the lead.  Yount doubles, Cooper singles and Yount will score and it is 5-4.  in the 9th Fingers can't close it out.  Guillen walks, Fletcher singles, Baines singles and Guillen scores.  Fisk doubles and Fletcher scores and the score is 6-5.

The Final Score is 6-5 White Sox