April 23, 1985 Game 161: Tigers (6-5) at Indians (4-8)

I know I have wrote this before but the Tigers are my clear pick to win the East.  But their offense has struggled and they have struggled against the pitiful Indians.  Today the Tigers send Dan Petry to the hill and the Indians send out Curt Wardle.

The Indians score in the 1st, Butler singles and steals 2nd, Tabler triples and that scores Butler.  In the 4th the Tigers offense finally wakes up and jumps all over Wardle.  Parrish walks and Evans bounces into a 5-4 FC.  Herndon singles and Grubb walks to load the bases.  Lemon then hits a 3-1 Wardle fastball for a grandslam to make 4-1 Tigers.  They were not done though.  Brookens and Whitaker walk and Gibson doubles, Brookens scores and it is 5-1.

In the 6th the Tigers add to their lead; Lemon doubles and then Brookens doubles him home to make it 6-1. In the 8th the Tigers bust this game wide open.  Lemon singles Brookens walks, Gibson singles and Lemon scores to make it 7-1. Parrish then walks to load the bases.  Evans then takes a Clark fastball and punches it down the right-field line and it stays fair and clears the fence for a grandslam.  Making it the 2nd straight game in which he has hit a grandslam. The score is now 11-1

The Indians get 1 back in the 8th as Jacoby and Williard single.  Bernazard hits a SACFLY to right and Jacoby scores.  Petry closes out the 9th without incident and he picks up his 2nd win.  Petry was brilliant today and the offense was unstoppable.

The Final Score 11-2 Tigers