April 24, 1985 Game 182: Royals (6-7) at Blue Jays (10-5)

18,006 showed up at Exhibition Stadium today and saw a wild unfold.  The Blue Jays have won the first two games and are looking for the sweep.  They would pin their hopes on LUis Leal who has struggled in the early going and the Royals send Bret Saberhagen out to get his team back on track.

George Bell would give the Jays the early lead with a 2 run homer to left off of Saberhagen putting the Blue Jays up 2-0.  The Royals tie it up in the 3rd on a Pat Sheridan 2 run home run.

In the 5th the Blue Jays take back the lead.  Upshaw is HBP, Bell doubles Whitt hits an SACFLY to center and the Blue Jays are up 3-2.  In the 5th the Royals tie it up again when Concepcion doubles and Wilson follows with a triple and we are tied at 3..  In the 6th Whitt puts the Blue Jays up 4-3 with a solo home run.

In the 7th The Blue Jays add to their 1 run lead.  Barfield singles, Garcia singles and Barfield makes it to 3rd.  Mulliniks hits a deep SACFLY to center scoring Barfield and the Jays lead it 5-3.  The Royals tie the game again in the 8th on a Balboni 2 run homer to make it 5-5.

In the 8th though the Blue Jays put this one away as they score for run off Dan Quisenberry.  Whit doubles, Iorg singles, Barfield singles scoring Whitt.  Fernandez doubles and Iorg scores, Garcia singles scoring both Barfield and Fernandez and the score is now 9-5 Blue Jays.  Quisenberry has been a huge disappointment for the Royals this season, lets hope that he gets it turn around.

The Final Score 9-5 Blue Jays