April 25, 1985, Game 183: Indians (5-9) at Orioles (4-10)

It's a battle for the basement.  The Indians and the Orioles will duke it at Memorial Stadium.  The Indians send their ace Neal Heaton to the hill and the Orioles send Ken Dixon to toe the rubber.

The Indians get on the board in the 3rd when Bando doubles and Butler doubles with 1 out to score Bando and the Indians lead it 1-0.  They will add to their lead in the 5th.  Bando is walked, Bernazard doubles  and Butler hits a SACFLY to right to score Bando.  Hall walks and Thornton rips a 2-out single scores Bernazard and its now 3-0.  THe Orioles make it 3-1 when Gross walks, Murray singles with 1 out.  Sheets draws a 2-out walk, Young singles scoring Gross.

The Orioles tie it up in the 7th.  Ripken and Murray single, Lynn singles and Ripken scores.  Young draws a 1 out walk to load the bases.  Dauer walks and Murray trots home.  The Indians take the lead in the 8th.  Jacoby makes it to second due to a 2BE on Lynn.  Bando singles to put runners on the corners.  Bernazard hits a SACFLY to right and that scores Jacoby to make it 4-3.

Waddell pitches the 9th to earn his 3rd save.

The Final Score 4-3