April 25, 1985 Game 189: Red Sox (7-7) at Yankees (9-3)

The Yankees are riding a 6 game win streak going into today's game and Phil Niekro is going to try and keep the win streak going.  The Red Sox are handing the ball to Bruce Hurst to get them back on track and stop the Yankees.

The Red Sox jump all over Niekro early.  In the 1st they will get 2 when Evans doubles with 1-out, Foster is on due to an error on Berra, Armas singles and Evans scores,  Buckner singles to load the bases.  Niekro walks Gedman and Easler scores and it is 2-0 Red Sox.

In the 3rd the Red Sox add to their lead.  Gedman singles,  Gutierrez singles, Boggs singles and Gedman scores.  Evans singles scoring Gutierrez,  Rice gets on due to an error on Randolph to load the bases.  Easler singles scoring Boggs and the Red Sox have a 5-0 lead.

In the 4th Buckner doubles,  Boggs delivers a 2-out single and Buckner scores and it is now 6-0.  In the 5th the Red Sox deliver the knock out punch to Niekro and he is sent to the showers when Buckner hit 2 run home run to make it 8-0 Red Sox.  That ends the Yankees win streak and that puts the east with two teams and the top the Blue Jays are 10-5 and the Yankees are 9-4.

The Final Score 8-0 Red Sox