April 25, 1985 Game 190: Reds (9-6) at Giants (7-7)

The 1st place Reds are taking on the Giants at Candlestick today and a whopping 4,056 fans showed up.  You could here a pin drop in the left field bleachers from the press box.

In the 2nd the Reds score first when Redus hits a solo homerun off of Gott.  The Giants taske the lead in the bottom of the 2nd.  Leonard and Driessen single and Brenly walks to load the bases.  Wellman hits a SACFLY to right and Leonard scores.  Uribe singles and Driessen scores and Brenly holds at 3rd.  Gott hits a SACFLY and Brenly scores to make it 3-1.

in the 3rd Milner makes it 3-2 with a solo shot off of Gott.  In the 7th the Reds take the lead.  Concepcion singles and Van Gorder is hit, Robinson is safe at 1st due to an error on Uribe and that load the bases.   Milner is on 2nd when Gladden commits a 2BE allowing Concepcion and Van Gorder score.  Uribe commits another error on a Bell grounder and Robinson scores.  Parker singles and Milner races home to give the Reds a 6-3 lead.

In the 8th Krenchicki hits a 1-out single, Van Gorder singles,  another error on Uribe loads the bases.  Bell is walked and Krenchicki scores, Parker is also walked forcing Van Gorder home for a 8-3 lead.

The Final Score 8-3 Reds