April 27, 1985 Game 205: Indians (7-9) at Orioles (4-12)

There was  slug-fest at Memorial stadium today.  The Indians have have won 3 in a row and the Orioles have dropped 4 straight.  The Indians look to Don Schulze to keep the Erie Warriors rolling and the Orioles turn to their best pitcher Scott McGregor to stop the bleeding.

The Indians get a run in the 2nd when Castillo takes a McGregor curveball and puts it in the leftfield seats for a solo Home Run and gives the Indians a 1-0 lead.  In the 3rd Jacoby hits a 2-out 2 run homer off McGregor's curveball and it looks like the Indians are dialed in on that slow curve.

The Orioles get a run in the 3rd.  Young is walked and Dauer singles and there are runners on the corners.  Dempsey bounces one to Franco and the Indians concede the run to get the force at 2nd and its now 3-1 Indians. The Indians increase their lead in the 4th on a Franco 2-out 2 run homer giving the Indians a 5-1 lead.  That is the 3rd homer that McGregor has surrendered today. The Orioles make it 5-2 in the 5th as the bottom of the order does some damage.  Young is walked, Dauer singles and Young heads to 3rd.  Dempsey then hits a SACFLY to left to score Young.

The Orioles get 1 more in the 6th.  Gross singles and advances to 3rd on Murray's 1-out single.  Lynn bounces one to the right of the mound and Schulze's only play is to 1st and Gross scores to make it 5-3.  In the 7th Dempsey would end Schulze's night with a 2-out home run to make it 5-4 Indians.

In the 8th the Indians would put the hurt on Nate Snell and bust this game open.  Jacoby walks, Willard hits a 1-out single, Bernazard walks to load the bases.  Butler singles and Jacoby scores.  Franco then singles scoring Willard, Carter follows with a single score Bernazard and Butler to make it 9-4 Indians.

The Indians were not done however as they beat up on Sammy Stewart in the 9th.  Jacoby singles, Castillo walks, Willard singles scoring Jacoby.  Butler is safe on a Ripken error allowing Castillo to score.  Franco then rips a 2-out 2 run homer to make it 13-4.  The Orioles try and fight back in the bottom of the 9th.  But the 9 run deficit is to much.  Young hits a 1-out 2 run homer.  Dauer doubles, Dempsey singles, Dwyer singles scoring Dauer and the scoring in done and the game is over.

The Final Score 13-7 Indians