April 27, 1985 Game 207: Royals (6-9) at Red Sox (9-7)

It's the Royals and Red Sox at Fenway Park today.  The Royals have struggled without All-Star 3rd baseman George Brett who is out with a shoulder injury and is at expected to be back on the 30th.  The Red Sox meanwhile are playing great baseball and are led by Leftfielder Jim Rice.  The Royals will start Danny Jackson today and the Red Sox give the ball to Al Nipper.

The Royals get on the board early.  Wilson leads off the game with a single and steals 2nd.  White singles with 1-out scoring Wilson.  The score would stay that way until the 7th when the Royals would add to their lead.  Sundberg draws a 2-out walk, Concepcion singles, Wilson singles and Sunberg score to make it 2-0.

The Red Sox would tie it up in the 8th when Jim rice hits a 2-run homer(his 8th of the season). The Royals bring in Dan Quisenberry who has struggled this year he pitches the 9th without incident but the 10th is a different story.  Boggs walks, Evans doubles and Rice singles scoring Boggs and giving the Red Sox a 3-2 win.

The Final Score 3-2 Red Sox