April 27, 1985 Game 214: Cubs (7-8) at Phillies (7-8)

There is something in the water today as pitching has been ridiculously good.  Scott Sanderson is the latest pitcher to put hitters on ice.  He would toss a 2 hit shutout.

In the 1st Durham hits a 2-out 3 run homer to put the Cubs up 3-0.  In the 4th Lopes leads off with a walk and steals 2nd.  Durham doubles and Lopes scores to makes it 4-0 Cubs.

In the 5th Sanderson doubles, Dernier singles and Sanderson holds at 3rd,  Sandberg hits a SACFLY to Center and Sanderson scores to make it 5-0 Cubs.  The Cubs add to their lead in the 7th when Dunston is safe on a 2BE charged to Hayes,  Sanderson lays down a bunt and Dunston advances to 3rd,  Dernier follows with a single and Dunston scores to make it 6-0 Cubs.

The Final Score 6-0 Cubs