April 27, 1985 Game 216: Reds (11-6) at Giants (7-9)

The first place Reds are looking to increase their lead in the West but the Giants were having none of it.  Pete Rose is fresh off the disabled list and looking to lead the Reds to victory.  The Giants turun to Dave LaPoint to keep the Reds  offense at bay. John Stuper gets the start for the Reds.

In the 1st Davis leads off with a single and steals 2nd. Rose singles and Davis scores to make it 1-0 Reds.  In the 2nd the Reds get a run When Concepcion hits a solo shot off of LaPoint to make it 2-0.  The Reds make it 3-0 in the 4th on an Esasky 1-out homer.

But the Giants start fighting bavk in the 7th.  Brenly hits a 1-out double, Wellman singles and Brenly scores to make it 3-1.  In the 9th the Giants tie it up When Wellman doubles, Uribe singles and Wellman scores, Gladden singles and Uribe advances to 3rd,  a passed ball by Bilardello allows Uribe to scores to tie at 3.

In the 11th the Giants close it out when Brenly hits his 3rd double, Wellman lays down a bunt an Brenly is safe at 3rd, Uribe singles scoring Brenly and the win 5-4.

The Final Score 5-4 Giants