April 28, 1985 Game 222: Yankees (11-4) at White Sox (7-8)

The first place Yankees take on the White Sox at Comisky Park today.  The Yankees have been able to hold onto first despite the Blue Jays winning 5 in a row.  The Yankees send Joe Cowley out to face Dan Spillner.

The White Sox tag Cowley in the 1st.  Law leads off with a double, Baines singles and Law scores. Fisk hits a 2-out double and Baines holds at 3rd.  Gamble then crushes a 3 run homer and the White Sox have a 4-0.  Cowley settles in after that but the damage had been done and the White Sox would add to their lead.

In the 7th Fletcher hits a 2-out 3 run homer that sends Cowley to the showers and gives the White Sox a 7-0 lead.  Spillner is looking sharp today and the Yankees are unable to touch him.  But in the 8th the White Sox get a couple more.  Fisk gets a 1- out single, Gamble doubles, Boston doubles scoring both runners and the White Sox are now up 9-0.  In the 9th the Yankees get their lone run.  Randolph hits a 1-out triple, Mattingly bonces into a 6-3 FC and Randolph scores.

The Final Score 9-1 White Sox