April 29, 1985 Game 234: Blue Jays (13-5) vs A's (9-10)

The Blue Jays look to extend their 6 game winning streak as they send Luis Leal to face off against Bill Krueger.  The A's are one of the most inconsistent teams in the American League and are trying to find that winning formula.

In the Blue Jays get a run.  Garcia leads off the game with a double.  Thornton singles and Garcia holds at 3rd.  Bell hits a SACFLY to center and Garcia scores.  The Blue Jays lead 1-0.  The A's tie it up in the 2nd when Heath hits a solo homer off of Leal.

In the 5th the JAys open this one up as the jum on Krueger.  Martinez singles, Mulliniks walks, Fernandez singles and the bases are loaded.  Thornton bounces into a 6-3 FC and Martinez scores.  Bell doubles, Mulliniks and Fernandez score.  Barfield singles and Bell scores.   The Blue Jays now lead 5-1.

The A's get one back in the 5th.  Davis walks, Hill singles, Lansford hits a 2-out single scoring Davis to make it 5-2 Blue Jays.  In the 6th the A's get another on to make it 5-3.  Murphy is hit by Leal with 1-out, Hetah singles, Davis hits a grounder to Fernadez its takes a bad hop and hits him in the chest and he is charged with an error and this allows Murphy to score.

In the 7th Barfield homers to make it 6-3 Blue Jays. In the 8th the Blue Jays add to their lead.  Martinez tucks one into the rightfield corner and the speedy catcher makes it to 3rd for a triple.  Mulliniks singles and Martinez scores to make it 7-3.

In the 9th the Blue Jays weren't done.  Barfield singles, a 3BE is charged to Davis and Barfield scores, Barfield singles and Burroughs scores to make it 9-3.

The Final Score 9-3 Blue Jays