April 30, 1985 Game 244: Blue Jays (14-5) at Athletics (9-11)

The A's will face the 1st place Blue Jays who have a 7 game winning streak coming to this game, will Tim Birtsas and the A's be able to take down Jim Clancy and the Jays.  Clancy is making his season debut today and the Blue Jays are hoping he is 100%.

The A's would test Clancy in the 1st.  Collins leads off with a single and steals 2nd.  Kingman launches a deep fly out to center and it looks like Barfield had it but he took his eye off of it at the last second and deflects off his glove and rolls in to right field.  By the time he gets to Kingman is on his way to 3rd and Collins scores to make it 1-0 A's.  Barfield is charged with an error.

The A's extend their lead in the 4th.  Murphy singles, Kingman doubles, Bochte hits a SACFLY to right and Murphy scores. Lansford then steps to the plate a delivers a 2 run homer, his 7th of the season and that gives the A's a 4-0 lead.

The Blue jays get a run in the 5th.  Barfield hits a 1-out double and Fernandez follows with a triple, Barfield scores and it is now 4-1 A's.  In the 9th Birtsas tries to get the complete game but the Blue Jays start to mount their comeback.  Upshaw walks, Bell smokes one to third and Lansford gets a glove on it but throws it in the dirt and Bochte can't scoop and it goes down as a single and an error charged to Lansford.  Matuszek walks to load the bases, and that send Birtsas to the showers after a great pitching performance.  Howell comes in to get the save.  Barfield hits a 1-out single and that scores Upshaw and Bell.  Howell gets the next two hitters and earns his 5th save.

The Final Score 4-3 Athletics