April 30, 1985 Game 248: Yankees (12-5) at Rangers (6-12)

Crazy game in Arlington today as the Rangers took on the Yankees.  Dickie Noles who been terrible so for will take on Phil Niekro who has been very inconsistent.

Both teams would score in the 1st.  Henderson walks then promptly steal 2nd and 3rd. Griffey singles him home.  Winfield then singles and So does Mattingly scoring Griffey and the Yankees are up 2-0.  But the Rangers come right back.  Dunbar leads off with a single. Ward doubles, Tolleson walks to load the bases Parrish is walked forcing home Dunbar.  O'Brien walks forcing home Ward.  Slaught hits a SACFLY to left scoring Parrish.  Harrah the doubles scoring O'Brien and the rangers lead it 4-2.

The Yankees come back in the 4th.  Pagliarulo singles, Meachem hits into a 3-6 FC,  Henderson is at 2nd due to a 2BE on Wilkerson.  Griffey singles scoring Meachem and Henderson. Winfield singles, MAttingly walks,  Baylor comes through with a single scoring Griffey. Wynegar follows that with a single of his own scoring Winfield and giving the Yankees a 6-4 lead.

But the Rangers come right back and tie it up.  Harrah singles, Wilkerson singles, Dunbar singles scoring Harrah.  Tolleson bounces into a 4-6 FC and Wilkerson scores.  In the 8th the Yankees take the lead for good.  Henderson singles and steals 2nd,  Winfield singles him home for a 7-6 Yankee lead.  Pagliarulo hits his 2nd homerun of the year in the 9th to give the Yankees a 8-6 lead.

The Final Score 8-6 Yankees