May 1, 1985 Game 252: Braves (7-12) at Reds (13-7)

The 1st place Reds are taking on the Braves at Three Rivers today and the Reds are playing really well lately and are hoipng to put some distance between them and 2nd place.  John Stuper gets the start for the Reds and Zane Smith for the Braves.

The Reds jump out ahead early as they would get 1 in the 2nd.  Concepcion walks, Oester singles, Diaz walks to load the bases.  Milner bounces into a 6-4 FC and Concepcion scores and the Reds are up 1-0.  They would add to their lead in the 4th, Concepcion is at 2nd due to a throwing error on Ramirez, Oester singles and Concepcion will not test Murphy's arm and he holds at third.  Stuper then hits a SACFLY to center and Concepcion scores to make it 2-0.

In the 6th Braves would chase Stuper from the game. Komminsk is on due to an error on Rose, Murphy single, Horner bounces into a 5-4-3 and Komminsk heads to 3rd.  Cerone is hit by a pitch, Oberkfell doubles and Komminsk scores, Zuvella walks, Smith singles and Cerone scores, Harper singles and Oberkfell and Zuvella scores and the score is now 4-2 Braves.

But the Reds would not go away quietly.  In the 6th they would answer back.  Concepcion walks, Oester singles, Diaz doubles and Concepcion scores, Davis delivers a pinch hit single scoring Oester.  Milner singles and Diaz scores, Rose walks to load the bases.  Esasky singles with 2-outs scoring Davis and Milner and the score is now 7-4

The Final Score 7-4 Reds