May 1, 1985 Game 258: Padres (11-8) at Pirates (9-9)

This is a tale of 2 games the Padres owned the first 5 innings and the Pirates the final 4.  The question would be which bull pen wouldn't break.  The Padres Eric Show would make it 7 innings and the Pirates Rick Reuschel would leave at the end of 3 due to an injury.  Larry McWilliams comes in and it got ugly.

In the 3rd McReynolds makes it 1-0 with a solo shot off of Reuschel.  In the 4th the Padres add to their lead.  Gwynn singles, Nettles doubles, McReynolds is on due to an error on Morrison and that would score Gwynn.  Kennedy doubles and that would score Nettles, Flannery walks to load the bases.  Templeton singles scoring McReynolds and it is now 4-0 Padres.

In the 5th the Padres would break the game open or so it seemed.  Martinez walks, gets to 2nd on a 2BE charged to Ray and Martinez holds a 3rd. McReynolds hits a 2-out single scoring Martinez and Gwynn holds at 3rd.  Kennedy hits one put to center that Wynne boofs and it is scored a 3BE and both runners score to make it 7-0 Padres.

The Pirates start their comeback in the 6th.  Orsulak doubles and Ray singles him home.  Wynne triples scoring Ray to make it 7-2 Padres.  In the 7th the Pirates get another run.  Khalifa singles,  Ortiz delivers a pinch hit single, Orsulak walks to load the bases.  Ray hits a SACFLY to left and Khalifa scores.

The Padres take out Show and insert Tim Stoddard who can't close it out.  In the 9th the Pirates would get to him.  Brown gets a pinch hit single,  Ray walks, Morrison doubles scoring Brown.  Thompson doubles scoring Ray and Morrison.  Stoddard is lifted and Goose Gossage comes in and get the final out.

The stars of the game:

McReynolds    2-4 with 3 runs and 2 RBI
Thompson       2-5 with 2 RBI

The Final Score 7-6 Padres