May 1, 1985 Game 261: Yankees (13-5) at Rangers (6-13)

The Yankees are looking to keep pace with the Blue Jays and the Rangers are looking to right their sinking ship.  The Yankees look to Ed Whitson and the Rangers look to Charlie Hough.  Neither pitcher has pitched well this year and today looks to no exception.  The key is who will be worse.

The Rangers get 1 in the 1st.  Harrah and Ward single.  O'Brien doubles with 2-outs to score Harrah and its a 1-0 Ranger lead.  They will add another in the 2nd.  Slaught gets to 2nd on a 2BE charged to Mattingly, Wilkerson singles scoring him for a 2-0 Ranger lead.  The Rangers bust this one open in the 3rd when they pick up 5 runs.

Bannister, Parrish and O'Brien single to load the bases.  Dunbar walks and that forces home Bannister.  Wright doubles scoring scoring Parrish and O'Brien.  Wilkerson singles scoring Dunbar, Wright scores on a Hassey passed ball. At the end of 3 its 7-0 Rangers.

In the 4th the Yankees come storming back.  Hassey doubles, Randolph and Pagliarulo are issued walks to load the bases.  Meachem singles scoring Hassey.  Griffey steps a hits a 2-out singles scoring Randolph and Pagliarulo.  Mattingly then singles scoring Meachem and it is now 7-4.

In the 7th Pagliarulo make it a 7-5 ball game with a solo shot of off Hough.  The Rangers put this one away in the botton half of the 7th when they make 9-5.  Dunbar is safe at 1st on a Pagliarulo error.  Slaught singles, Wilkerson singles scoring Dunbar.  Harrah doubles scoring Slaught and the Rangers are in control.

The Yankees get 1 more in the 8th.  Henderson triples and would score on a Mattingly SACFLy to right to make it 9-6 Rangers.

The stars of the game:
Wilkerson 3-4 with 3 RBI
Mattingly 2-4 with 2 RBI

The Final Score 9-6 Rangers