May 3, 1985 Game 265: Brewers (13-8) at Angels (14-9)

The Angles are the only team in the above the .500 in the West and they are clearly the best team right now.  But the Royals are making their move and the Angles are playing like a worried team.  Today Gene Mauch sends Ron Romanick to the hill to face off against Danny Darwin.

Pettis leads off the bottom of the 1st with a triple,  Downing steps up and hits a SACFLY to center and Pettis scores to make it 1-0 Angels.  In the 3rd the Brewers tie it up on Householders 1st homerun of the season.  The pitchers then get locked in and both start throwing darts and the scoring is stopped until the 8th When the Angels find a chink in Darwin's armor.

Wilfong doubles, Pettis follows him with a single and Wilfong scores to give the Angels an 2-1 lead.  The Brewers will not go away and the tag Moore for a run in the 9th to tie it at 2.  Moore tripled and would score on Mannings bounce out to short.  In the 10th the Angels get a run off of Cocanower.  Pettis singles and steals 2nd.  Carew singles and Pettis doesn't risk scoring and holds at 3rd.  Downing bounces to short and his only play is to 2nd and Pettis scores to secure the win.

The Final Score 3-2 Angels