May 4, 1985 Game 282: White Sox (9-10) at Tigers (12-8)

The Tigers have won 4 in a row and are playing well.  Today they send their Ace Jack Morris to the mound to face off against Britt Burns.  Morris has been a little inconsistent this season but overall has not pitched that bad.  The Tigers are still without their 3rd baseman Tom Brookens and Doug Flynn has played well in his place.

In the 1st Kirk Gibson hit a 2-out homer to put the Tigers up 1-0.  In the 6 the Tigers add to their lead.  Whitaker hits a 2-run homerun.  Trammell walks, gibson is safe at 1st on Cruz's error.  Parrish singles to load the bases.  Herndon hits a SACFLY to left and Trammell scores.  Garbey singles scoring Gibson and the Tigers are up 6-0.  In the 8th  Fletcher hits a double and would come around to score on Lemons throw back to the infield.

Morris would pitch the 9th and allow Sparky to rest the bullpen as he would scatter 3 hits and 2 walks while striking out 9.  The Tigers have now won 5 in  a row.

The Final Score 6-1