May 5, 1985 Game 303: Blue Jays (18-6) at Mariners (8-17)

This was a game I was looking forward to seeing.  It was a battle of aces at the Dome.  Dave Stieb for the Blue Jays and Mike Moore for the Mariners.  Moore has 50% of the Mariners wins and Stieb is 5-1 for the 1st place Blue Jays.

In the 2nd the Mariners take a 1-0 lead.  Kearney doubles to the left center gap with 2-outs and that scores Henderson.  In the 3rd the Mariners add to their lead.  Davis walks and Thomas is safe at 3rd due to Barfields error and Davis scores.  Cowens singles scoring Thomas,  a passed ball by Whitt aloows Cowens to move up to 2nd.  Henderson then hits a single scoring Cowens and it is now a 4-0 game.

The Blue Jays cut that lead in half in the 4th.  Barfield homers,  Thornton follows him with a triple that hit off the top of the centerfield wall and the Henderson tried to make a play and it bounces away from him.  Upshaw hits a SACFLY to right and Thornton score to make it 4-2 Mariners.  In the 7th the Jays get another run when Garcia hits a sharp grounder between 1st and 2nd.  Davis makes a diving stop and his only play is at 1st and Whitt score to make it 4-3.  Nunez will pitch the 9th and pick up his 3rd save.

The Final Score 4-3 Mariners