May 7, 1985 Game 312: Braves (9-14) at Mets (14-8)

This looked like an easy win for the Mets, but Davey Johnson switched up his lineup and they ran into a guy named Zane Smith, who would send the surging Mets reeling.  Ron Darling gets the start for the Mets and would struggle with his command.

THe Braves get a run in the 1st.  They have runners on 1st aznd 2nd when Komminsk singles scoring Washington and the Braves are up 1-0.  The Mets tie it up in the 3rd when Johnson singles with runners on the corners that would score Santana.

In the 6th the Braves take a 2-1 lead when Komminsk get to 3rd on Santana's 2BE and Darlings wild pitch.  He would come around to score on Horner's SACFLY to left.  The Mets get that run back in the bottom of the 6th when Dykstra delivers a 2-out single to score Strawberry and the gane is tied at 2.

In the 8th with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2-outs Horner comes up with a clutch single that would both runners.  Perry then follows with a double and then Wilson kicks it and that allows Horner to score and Perry moves over to 3rd and it is now 5-2 Braves.

The Final Score 5-2 Braves