May 8, 1985 Game 328: Yankees (14-9) at Twins (11-14)

The Yankees are quickly falling off the pace and lets face it the Twins do not have what it takes to continue playing the way they are.  The Twins would prove that they will not go down without a fight as they would battle this Yankee team to the end.  Today the Twins send Bert Blyleven to the mound and the Yankees counter with Joe Cowley.

The Yankees get on the board right away in the 1st.  They have runners on 1st and 3rd and Winfield hits a SACFLY to left scoring Henderson.  Baylor follows with a hard hit ball to 2nd and Washington dives to his right and makes the stop but then throws it away and Baylor ends up on 3rd and Sample scores to give the Yankees a 2-0 lead.  The Twins answer back on Brunansky's 9th home run of the season this one was a 2 run shot with 2-outs and the game is tied at 2.

Baylor gives his team a 3-2 lead with a solo shot off of Blyleven in the 4th.  But the Twins take the lead in the 5th on a 2 run homer by Salas and it is now 4-3 Twins.  Baylor ties it up in the 8th with his 2nd homer of the game off of Blyleven and it is 4-4.

In the 9th with Blyleven still pitching and runners on 1st and 3rd, Mattingly hits a deep SACFLY to center and the Yankees now have the lead 5-4.  The Yankees bring in Dave Righetti to close out the 9th but the Twins have a different ending in mind.  Gaetti leads off with a double and Gagne walks.  Washington grounds out to Randolph but both runners are able to advance.  Salas pops out to short.  Then PUukett who has struggled this season hits one into the left center gap that goes over Henderson's head and both runners score and the Twins win 6-5

The Final Score 6-5 Twins