May 11, 1985 Game 352: Pirates (12-15) at Dodgers 17-13

The Dodgers take on the Pirates at Dodger Stadium today and this one was a crazy one.  Jose DeLeon a young phenom gets the start for the Pirates and Bob Welch gets the start for Tommy Lasorda.

In the beginning of this one it was all Pirates as Welch didn't seem to know how to stop them.  In the 1st with Orsulak on 3rd, Gonzalez bounces out to short and that allows Orsulak to score and the Pirates have a 1-0 lead.  The Pirates add to their lead in the 3rd.  Orsulak triples and would score on Ray's single.  Gonzalez triples scoring Ray, Thompson then hits a SACFLY to right scoring Gonzalez and the Pirates now have a 4-0 lead.  

In the 4th the Dodgers answer back with a pair of runs.  They have runners on 1st and 2nd when Scioscia singles scoring Guerrero.  Brock then hits into a 4-6 FC and Madlock scores and it is now 4-2 Pirates.  The Dodgers break this game open in the 8th.  After loading the bases DeLeon is taken out and John Candelaria takes over and the Dodgers smack him all over the park.  Duncan doubles scoring Landreaux and Bailor.  Marshall singles scoring Sax and Duncan.  Guerrero doubles, then Madlock doubles scoring Marshall And Guerrero and the Dodgers have an 8-4 lead.

The Pirates mount a comeback of their own but they come up short.  In the 9th Ray singles, Gonzalez is safe at 3rd on Guerrero's error and Ray scores.  Thompson then bounces out to Sax and Gonzalez scores to make an 8-6 game.

The Final Score 8-6 Dodgers