May 11, 1985 Game 359: Indians (12-15) at Rangers (9-17)

The Rangers take on the Indians today at Arlington Stadium and it is a beautiful day for baseball.  Dave Stewart gets the start for the Rangers and Roy Smith makes his season debut for the Indians.

The Rangers get the early lead.  They have runners on 2nd and 3rd Parrish hits a SACFLY to left and Harrah scores.  Wright singles and Ward scores to give the Rangers 2-0 lead.  They will add 2 more in the 2nd.  Ward hits a SACFLY to left with the bases loaded scoring Jones.  Tolleson singles and Bannister scores and the Rangers lead 4-0.

The Indians get 1 in the 3rd.  Butler hits a SACFLY to center and Bernazard tags up and scores and it is now 4-1.  THe Rangers break it open in the 5th.  Wright doubles, O'Brien singles scoring Wright, Harrah walks with the bases loaded scoring O'Brien.  Ward hits into a 4-3 FC scoring Jones and gives the Ranges a 7-1 lead.

THe Indians get a run in the 6th.  Thornton walks, Tabler doubles and advances to 3rd on Wrights throwing error and that scores Thornton and makes it a 7-2 lead for the Rangers.

The Final Score 7-2 Rangers