May 12, 1985 Game 372: Indians (12-16) at Rangers (10-17)

The Rangers are looking to take down the Indians today as they are looking to help the West gain some credibility against the East.  Today they would send Charlie Hough to the mound to square off against Ramon Romero.

The Rangers get the scoring started in the 2nd.  They have runners on 1st and 3rd when a passed ball is charged to Williard and that allows Slaught to score.  Then Ward hits a 2-out 3 run homer and the Rangers are up 4-0.

The Indians the 6th Carter gets the Indians on the board with a SACFLY to left scoring Bernazard and it is now 4-1 Rangers.  The Rangers get that run back in the bottom of the inning on Slaught's solo shot off of Romero and it is now 5-1 Rangers. The Rangers add to their lead in the 7th on O'Brien's solo homer and it is now 6-1 Rangers.

The Rangers make it an 8-1 game in the 8th.  They have runners on 1st and 2nd Wright hits a single and then Jacoby throws it away scoring Slaught.  Harrah then bounces out to short and Tolleson scores.  The Indians get a run in the 9th when with runners on 1st and 3rd Bernazard bounces out to 2nd and Tabler scores.  Hough finishes the game for the Complete Game and picks up his 3rd win.

The Final Score 8-2 Rangers