May 14, 1985 Game 386: Indians (12-18) at White Sox (13-14)

There was a great pitchers duel between the Indians Neal Heaton and the White Sox Britt Burns.  Both pitchers would go the distance as this game would end by the score of 1-0.

Both pitchers were locked in from the get go and Heaton would only allow 4 hits but one of them was a triple to Hulett in the bottom of the 8th and he would score on Guillen's ground out to second base.  

Burns in the meantime scattered 8 hits and walked 1 but struck out 10 to get the shutout.  Heaton has been the only stable pitchers the Indians have had this year.  Indians center-fielder Brett Butler said after the game. "Neal has been awesome this year and I feel terrible when he pitches great and we can't put up any runs."  The Indians 3-5 hitters went 2-12, left 4 runners in scoring position and struck 5 times.

The Final Score 1-0 White Sox