May 14, 1985 Game 393: Pirates (12-17) at Giants (12-18)

It was a long day at Candlestick today.  The Giants take on the Pirates and it would go until the 13th inning.  Mike Krukow get the start for the Giants and Larry McWilliams for the Pirates.

The Pirates take the early lead.  In the 1st Reynolds hits a 2 run homerun and the after 2 batters its a 2-0 Pirates lead.  The Giants tie it up in the 3rd.  They have the bases loaded and an error on Ray allows Krukow to score.  Brown then hits a SACFLY to left and Roenicke scores.

The giants take a 3-2 lead in the 4th.  Uribe doubles, Krukow bunts him over to 3rd.  A wild pitch by McWilliams and Uribe scores.  The Pirates tie it up in the 6th on Thompson's solo homer.  The score would remain tied at 3 and we head to extra innings. 

In the 12th the Pirates take the lead.  They have runners at 1 st and 3rd and then an error on Garrelts allows Wynne to score.  But the Giants tie it up, with runners at 2nd and 3rd a single by Driessen scores Davis and it is a 4-4 game.  Then in the Bottom of the 13th; Guante walks Roenicke and then Adams triples scoring Roenicke and the Giants win 5-4. R.J. Reynolds led the Pirates,  He went 3-6 with a HR and 2 RBI.  Ricky Adams led the Giants.  He went 2-7 with a 3B and the game winning RBI.

The Final Score 5-4 Giants